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What's a swing? READ THAT CAREFULLY!

I’ll never forget the collective look of shock that swept across my Zoom screen when, during a lockdown Q&A with Broadway performer - Brian Martin - Lovely Lucy asked “Can you tell us about your experience nce as a Swing?”. At which point I hastily unmuted myself to confirm she’d said SWING and not SWINGER and conversation wasn’t about to take an unexpected turn...

*WHAT IS A SWING?* So before I go on, let’s just clarify what a SWING is. A Swing is a performer who’s tasked with learning lots of different roles within a production, in case a member of the cast has to pull out last minute. It’s a really challenging, hugely respectable role as it involves understanding who’s doing what, where and when at any time in a show. In sum, it’s freaking impressive!


As we go into Show Term each class is likely to have 2-3 Swings of their own!

We’re well aware that not everyone can perform in the show on June 17th (which makes us sad). But, because you’re legends, you’ve told us you’ll still be coming to class every week (which makes us happy). Therefore, when we start putting routines into formations from late May, YOU (ya hero’s) will play the role of in-class swings!

HOW DOES THIS WORK…? Well! Each week there will be people missing from class that ARE performing in the show. And quite simply - you’ll play their roles!

Don’t worry - you won’t be expected to know every dancers’ positions perfectly! We’ll work as a team to make sure you know what’s going on. And when possible, we’ll tell you who’s role you’ll be doing before we even get to the studio.

*IN SUM* Having in-class Swings is helpful for the teacher as it allows us to see how a piece is actually going to look on stage. It’s helpful for your fellow dancers as they can practise their formations/transitions more meaningfully. And it’s helpful for the person you’re covering as they’ll be able to watch back the video and see what they’re meant to be doing!

Having Swings in the room is VERY helpful. And it’s kick ass!

If you already know you can’t perform on June 17 but can come to class, just let us know and we can start thinking about who’s role you play when!

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