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About our Classes.

Scroll through and read about our different adult dance classes!

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Exhilarating, cheeky and powerful. 

Burlesque gives every dancer the chance to move and feel like a true show-stopper! We work on a range of routines - some jazzy and cute, some dark and sultry - intertwining Commercial, Musical Theatre and Jazz with traditional Burlesque. All with the intention of feeling sexy, fun and confident in your body.


Upbeat and cheeky, this class mixes jazz technique with commercial, musical theatre, burlesque and lyrical jazz! Classes are lively and sassy. And perfect for anyone who enjoys putting a bit of oomph in their movement! We high kick and hair flick our way through each class (and usually chuck in a shimmy for good measure)!

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Lyrical Contemporary

Lyrical contemporary fuses together contemporary, modern, ballet and jazz. And it’s perfect for anyone who just loves to throw themselves around the dance floor! In every class, we’ll work on a range of routines. Some will be soft and graceful. Others will be fiery and fast. All of them will be fuelled with feeling!

Commercial Latin

Take your classic Commercial class, sprinkle in a touch of Latin flavour, add a dollop of Carnival energy and you've got yourself Commercial Latin! Each week, you'll experiment with a different style of Latin and Afro dance, fused together with Commercial choreography!

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Ballet Barre Fitness

A ballet-inspired fitness class, that brings together barre, pilates and HIIT training for a full-body (high energy!) workout. Expect jumps, squats and planks. And pirouettes, arabesques and jetés. These classes are open to absolutely anyone - whether you always wanted to try ballet, but didn't get the chance as a kid. Or you trained for years and miss the burn (but not the exams!).

Lyrical Ballet

More fluid than your typical ballet lesson - both in terms of the structure of the session and the type of movement - in Lyrical Ballet the emphasis is on creativity and expression.


While we start each class with technical exercises, to help build a solid dance foundation, we also spend time working on routines. So dancers always get the chance to take what they’ve learnt at the barre and really DANCE!

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Musical Theatre

Busting a move to your favourite Broadway tunes! Musical Theatre gets your heart pumping, your body jumping and your feet thumping. We learn dance routines to musical hits from shows like LaLaLand, Hairspray and The Greatest Showman. And encourage dancers to live their wildest Showgirl (or Showboy!) dream!


Whatever stage you're at along your Tap journey, we've got a class for you: from total beginners to total pros. We run separate tap classes for; Beginners/Improvers, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced. So if you've never tapped in your life, have taken a couple of years (or decades) off, or know every step in 42nd Street like the back of your hand - we've got you covered.

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Our Commercial classes explore everything from hip-hop to jazz, funk to street and heels to house! With a different routine each class, some weeks the energy is upbeat and uptempo, and others, lyrical and fierce! Whatever of the style the atmosphere is always be welcoming, energising and full of laughs! 


While our Lyrical Ballet classes focus on routines, in Pure Ballet we focus on barre and centre work. We hone in on the ballet fundamentals, developing your technique and providing a safe, encouraging space where you can bask in the joy of dance! 


Our focus is always on creating a friendly, patient and welcoming environment where ballet is fun. We won’t make you wear leotards nor pin your hair into a bun. But we will make you feel fabulous - promise.

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In our fun, feel-good and a-little-bit-flirty Heels classes you'll learn about the fundamental techniques of performing in Heels. And you'll learn a range of routines tapping into styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz and Salsa. All with goal of becoming killer heels dancers in a pressure-free, welcoming space!

Contemporary Floorwork

In this Contemporary class we'll explore various Contemporary techniques AND give special focus to floorwork! Bringing lots of rolls, slides and transitions into our training and choreography! 

We will learn how to effectively go in and out of the floor, finding flow, momentum and developing our strength and mobility at the same time. All with the goal of moving smooth like butter!

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Sweaty Mess

Start your weekend with our post-BNO/pre-brunch appropriate dance fit workout - setting you up for your Saturday with an endorphin HIIT! Think singalong bangers, uplifting grooves, heart-rate spikes and big strength moves. This class will mix our favourite parts of dance cardio with enough lunges/tricep tips/crunches to make your face squirm


And all in a smiley, social and super inclusive space.

Jazz Tech

This Jazz Technique class is the perfect way to level up! An intense warm up to build stamina, exercises to enhance technique and across-the-room combos to build your technical skills and vocabulary. One BIG class to push yourself as a technical dancer!


With some killer tunes and an upbeat and encouraging environment, this is an hour to sweat it out and push your dance training!



We run 2 weekly Pointe courses - one for those who are totally new to Pointe (but with 3+ years ballet experience) and one for more experienced Pointe dancers. 

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