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From our annual showcases to performing at Bristol Pride, there are we provide loads of opportunities to get on stage!

We LOVE perparing show pieces and getting on stage. Every 18 months we put on a MASSIVE dance show for the entire school  (see some behind the scenes footage from our December 2021 showcase). And every 6 months we put on a smaller, low-key dance show where we all get together and share routines we've been working on that term and then have a big party! We're also regularly invited to perform in events and shows across Bristol - from Bristol Pride to touring circus groups. And from Bristol Harbour Festival to private parties.

Performance opportunities are always optional (no ones going to force you on stage, please don't worry!). And as a really inclusive dance school, we don't have one specific performance squad. Instead, as opportunities come up, we share them in class and whoever wants to get involved does so, with extra rehearsals outside of regular class time. So the best way to get stuck in is to start coming to classes and keep your ears open for performance opportunities! 

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