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How to book classes

Booking your classes is a simple 2-step process. Follow the instructions below or the videos above (and forgive the level of detail!)

Step 1 - Select a Class

  • If you're booking on a mobile, use this link

  • On the booking page, select the class you'd like to attend by clicking on it until it turns yellow.

    • If you'd like to change the date you're looking at, use the calendar in the top left corner.

  • Once you've selected your class, scroll within the schedule until you see TICKET.

Step 2 - Select a Ticket

  • Next, you need to decide if you want to book the entire term (a BLOCK ticket) or just one single class (either as an INDIVIDUAL or CLASS PASS booking). At the bottom of this page, we've compared the booking options for you. 

To make a BLOCK Booking

  • Next to Block Booking click SELECT.

  • Then head to your basket at the top of the page to make the payment!  

  • You’ll have the option of adding more classes to your basket.

To make an INDIVIDUAL Booking

  • Next to Individual Booking click SELECT. 

  • Then head to your basket at the top of the page to make the payment! 

  • You’ll have the option of adding more classes to your basket.

To make a CLASS PASS booking

Option A: If you have already purchased your Class Pass

  • Next to Individual Booking click SELECT.

  • The class will go into your basket and may look like it wants to charge you for it. BUT! As long as you use the same email address that you purchased your Class Pass with, you won’t be charged! Instead, it’ll use a credit from your Class Pass to cover it.

Option B: If you have not yet purchased your Class Pass

In order to actually buy a Class Pass, you need to book an individual class in the same transaction (you won’t be charged for the class, just the Class Pass)

Here's how...

  1. Above the schedule of classes, you’ll see a button for  PASSES. Select this

  2. Then choose the Class Pass you want to buy, by pressing SELECT in the appropriate box.

  3. Next press VIEW SELECTIONS (bottom right corner).

  4. A yellow box will pop up telling you to book a ticket. Easy. Just press SELECT TICKETS.

  5. You’ll be taken back to the Schedule, where you can then select the class(es) you’d like to book using your Class Pass. 

    • To select a class, click on it in the schedule so it turns yellow. 

    • (To change the date range of the classes you're looking at, use the calendar at the top left.)

    • Once you've selected a class, scroll down (or sometimes you may need to scroll up) and select to book as Individual Class - you'll see a note telling you they're included in your Class Pass.

  6. You’ll note that the fee in your basket is that of the Class Pass (your basket will be at the top of the page). And it doesn’t change as you add classes (unless those classes are not covered by your selected Class Pass).

Choosing the right ticket/booking option

  • A BLOCK booking signs you up for a full term of one specific class (or if you’re joining halfway through the term, any remaining dates). For example, you book Monday Jazz for all of Term 6. It is the cheapest option.

    • Classes from £6.50 per class.

  • An INDIVIDUAL booking books you on to just one, single class. For example Monday Jazz on September 5th only.

    • Classes from £7-£8 per class.

  • A CLASS PASS booking is when you use a prepaid Class Pass loaded with 6, 12, 18, 24 classes, and use it to book a selection of classes - any style, any location, any day. With a Class Pass, you can book one class at a time (for example Monday Jazz on Sept 5th), or many at once (for example Monday Jazz on Sept 5th + Tue Jazz on Sep 6th + Ballet on Sep 12th). 

    • Classes from £6.75  per class.


  • We’d say that if you know exactly what class you want to do, and can do it for 90% of the term, do a BLOCK booking (you are able to cancel certain weeks within the term, see cancellation policy here).

  • If you want more flexibility and control around you bookings, CLASS PASSES are fantastic as you can try all types of classes and cancel/rebook them really easily. Each week you can try different classes. Plus they're cheaper than Individual Bookings.

  • If you just want to try a class as a one-off, maybe before you book the block, we’d suggest INDIVIDUAL bookings.

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