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Smile at new people. They're probably bricking it.

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

So! I tried 2 new classes this week, as a participant. And let me tell you…OH GOD IT WAS AGONISING 😳

Not the actual dancing/workout bit. That was fine once I got into it. But the initial “walking in and waiting for class to start, not really knowing where to stand (alone), unsure about what the class was going to be like and simultaneously panicking I was in the wrong place but not knowing who to ask”. That, my friends, is the the longest 3 minutes of your life ⏱

I’m a-bit-too-extrovert. And have done circa 5 billion classes in my life. And I still find the experience SO awkward and anxiety-inducing. I’m guessing you do too.

So with this in mind, next time you’re waiting for a class to start and clock someone new looking a bit nervy, BREAK THAT FREAKING ICE BABY 🧊 Smile, ask if it’s their first time (if it’s not, you’ll have a nice chat about other classes they’ve tried). And offer them some reassurance. Because, mate, we’ve all been there. And imagine the relief and gratitude that person will feel because of you

AND if you are new, firstly don’t worry - the nerves do pass. And secondly, our community is literally ALL ABOUT making people feel good. So if you are feeling a bit unsure approach ANYONE and I promise they will help. We’re good people.

AND! I promise we will never tell you “buddy up with a friend” during class. BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING MORE TERRIFYING THAN BEING TOLD TO BUDDY UP WITH A FRIEND WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FRIENDS. We’ll put you into groups so you can make new friends, thus avoiding the awkward “oh shit me, oh my god, who do I go with, oh god, I think I am melting” moment. But hey, more on that later.

Having wonderful weekends all - smile at new faces and ask questions 💃🏽

Angie xx

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