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Join us for All You Can Dance 2024! 🪩

If you're thinking of joining us for 2024, we have the PERFECT event to help you get started 🫵🏼

On 13 January we’re hosting All-You-Can-Dance 2024. A FULL-TO-THE-BRIM day of dance where each of the 10 AE Dance Teachers will be running sample sessions of their classes, introducing you to their style and bringing everyone together (newbies and veterans alike) for a jam-packed Taster Sesh of all things AE Dance.

The day will run 10.00-17.30 and you’ll have 25 classes to choose from! From Iris's iconic Commercial Latin class, to our brand new Hip-Hop Fitness with Amy! And from your classics like Tap, Jazz and Ballet to something a little different...did someone say Disco Fusion?!?!

Have a look at the full timetable here 👇

Every ticket holder will pick 5 workshops to join throughout the day (if you need help deciding, just let us know! You might find our 'About Our Classes' page helpful too).

And it’s not just for AE Dancers. It’s for EVERYONE. So if you’ve never taken a class with us before we would LOVE to meet you there (as well as friends/nans you have visiting at the time, get them involved)! Everyone’s welcome at AYCD 2024!

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