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How to use your New Joiner Class Pass

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This post will help help you buy your Class Pass, book more classes with it and see how many credits you have left.

How to buy a New Joiner Class Pass?

  1. Head here and select “New Joiner Class Pass”

  2. Then click to the schedule and select the first class you’d like to try (select Individual Class)

  3. Pay your £15

  4. You’ve then secured your Class Pass and have already used 1 of your 3 credit

  5. Now every time you go back to the website and book a class with the same email, it will automatically use one of your credits (as long as it’s with 2 weeks of your first class)

How do I book on to more classes with my New Joiner Class Pass?

To book more classes with your remaining passes

  • Head to the booking page and select an Individual class booking for the class(es) you want to attend.

  • As long as your Class Pass is valid for the class* you're trying to book AND you use the same email address you initially bought it with, the class will automatically be taken from your Class Pass.

As you go through the booking process, it may look like, for a moment, you're going to get charged. But continue through the process and you won't be (and if you do, and you shouldn't have been, contact us as we'll sort it!).

*Reminder that the New Joiner Class Pass package is valid for 14 days from (and including) the day of your first class. This means you won't be able to book the same class 3 weeks consecutively.

How do I change or cancel a class on my New Joiner Class Pass bookings?

  • Find your confirmation email and click VIEW BOOKING

  • Then click TICKET OPTIONS next to the class you want to change/cancel

  • You’ll then have 2 choices (assuming you’re making changes at least 12hrs before the class is due to start)

TRANSFER TICKET - to move the booking to a different class

CANCEL TICKET - to cancel the class and get a pass returned to your account

  • If you click OPEN SCHEDULE, you’ll be taken back to the schedule where you can book more classes with your Class Pass!

How do I check how many credits I have left and when my New Joiner Class Pass expires?

  1. Head to a booking confirmation email for a class that you booked using your Class Pass.

  2. Click 'View Booking'. If you're logged into your account you'll be able to see your New Joiner Class Pass expiration date and the number of uses left over. If you've not created an account yet, don't worry - here's what you need to do:

    • Find a recent booking confirmation email​

    • Click 'View Booking'

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Forgot Password' (even if you didn't have a password before, click this!)

    • Follow the link, add your email and click 'send reset code'

    • This will allow you to set a password, therefore creating account.

    • You'll then be able to log in to your account. Scroll down to the blue boxes and your Class Passes will be listed along with the number of uses and expiration date.

Brand New Beginners Courses!

A little side note here...officially the New Joiner Class Passes can not be used for our BEGINNER COURSES (Thursday 6pm Tap / 7pm Jazz / 8pm Lyrical Contemporary). That's because you can't drop into individual classes on this course. You sign up for the full course. HOWEVER! If you're totally desperate to try one session, drop us an email ( and we'll see what we can do 😊

I hope you've found all of the information in this post helpful and please do use it as something to refer back to - we want to give you as much control over your bookings as possible!

Of course any questions, please drop us an email and we'll be happy to offer some advice.

See you over email!

Neda x

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