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Can I join classes mid-way through term?

It only starts when you start...

Every week we get lots of lovely emails asking whether it’s okay to join classes mid-way through term. And our answer is 110% YES - DO IT.

The sooner you get amongst it, the sooner you’re going to start feeling confident in class! And THAT’S what we we're working toward.

Of course, one of the scary things about joining a class midway through term is you may be learning routines that were originally taught in previous weeks. But that’s fine - it's normal! There will be other people in the room in the same situation as you! And no one (your teacher included) is going to expect you to get everything 100% in your first week. If you’ve picked the wrong level ma boo.

So! My number 1 tip when joining class as a newbie, at any point of term, is to be realistic with your expectations of yourself (i.e. set that bar low baby!)

You first time goals are simple: find the studio, move your body, get 50% of the choreo, laugh at yourself, smile at others. And enjoy the music.

And that feels like enough right?

The routines, the mental ease, the familiarity. That’ll all come in time. 

But it only starts when you start.

PS The other thing I wish I could tell all newbies is don’t assume everyone knows each other and is best friends and you’re the odd one out, cos you’re not hun. There are other newbies in that room! AND the regulars in that room will want to welcome you in, because guess what sugartits, they were new too once upon a time (I mean…like, potentially last week ya know). Welcoming people in is a huge part of our culture. We got you. 



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