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Booking options

There are 3 different options for booking classes with us. Take a look and see which works best for you!

Block Booking

​£6.50-£9.40 per class

  • This is the simplest and cheapest option.


  • Block Bookings gets you into a full term of a class. So if you know you want to commit, this is the one for you.

    • In fact, even if you can't make 1 or 2 classes, that's fine! You'd just need to email us IMMEDIATELY after booking to cancel those specific classes (we can then offer those sessions to someone else, so it's a win win!)


  • Block Bookings is also the option that's most likely to guarantee you a spot in your favourite class, as we open these 24hrs before everything else.


  • You can sign up for Block Bookings at any point in the term (as long as there's space in the class). You'll only pay for the remaining sessions.


  • This option is great for: people who know exactly what classes they want to do and have a relatively consistent schedule.

Course Booking

Class Pass Booking

​£6.75-£9.70 per class

  • This is our most flexible option.


  • You can buy a Class Pass for 6, 12, 18, 24 classes at any point in the term, and use it to book on to whichever classes you like - any style, any location, any day (as long as there's space in the class!).

  • We have different Class Passes for the different length classes: 50min Class Pass, 60min Class Pass, 75min Class Pass


  • You just have to use the passes within 12 weeks.


  • This is slighly cheaper than booking Individual Classes.


  • This option is great for: people who know they want to do a fair chunk of classes but need to be flexible about where and when. OR want to be able to try a big range of classes!

Clas Pass

Individual Class Booking

​£7.00-£10.00 per class

  • This is the option if you're just looking to dip you toes in! Maybe you're thinking about signing up to a full block but want to give the style a try first. Or you're visiting a friend in Bristol and you fancy trying something new!

  • You can book any of our classes individually (as long as there's space), and just pay for the ones you select.

  • This option is great for: people who want to try a class as a one-off before committing to a block. Or happen to have an unexpected free morning/evening and want to shake things up!

Individual class
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