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SLEIGH! 2023

Let's all get together on Dec 8th for a rowdy evening of performing, socialising and celebrating!

What is SLEIGH!?

Sleigh! is a performance night/social where each dance class is going to perform a little piece they’ve been working on in class. Then we’ll have food, drinks and a big old rave including...A SILENT DISCO!

When/where is SLEIGH!?

SLEIGH! is Friday December 8th, from 6.00pm (ish) and will start at The Big Act. Pre-performance rehearsals will start from 6.30pm, with the show starting about 7.30pm. After the show, at about 9.30pm, we'll head over to Moor Beer for the after party! The event will finish up about midnight.

What’s the plan?

From mid-November, each class is going to work on one routine across 3-4 lessons, learning a new section each week. Much like you would normally! However, unlike with your average term, in term 6 (starting October 30th) you'll get to share your dance with the world's liveliest, most supportive and enthusiastic crowd - YOUR FELLOW AE DANCERS!

Your 'mini showpieces' will be super, super chilled - we’re not planning MIND-BLOWING formation changes nor arranging extra rehearsals. We're just putting together fun little bops that you’ll master during your regular class time.

Then on the eve of Friday 8th December, all AE Dancers will get together for a mini showcase where each group will perform for each other. So you’ll get a chance to dance your socks off in-front of a roaring crowd. AND you'll get to be a part of said roaring crowd, as you watch everyone else’s routines!

After the performances, we’ll have our Christmas party at Moor Beer, where we’ve arranged for a food truck and bar to cater the evening plus a Silent Disco to entertain us into the night (so this will be a ticketed event). And we’re hoping people can invite friends and fam to watch the show and socialise afterwards!

So it’s a performance opportunity, show AND social in one!

If you're away in November/a bit nervy about joining...

First up, don’t panic, this isn’t a mandatory event. You can absolutely go to class as normal and not perform! But if I were you, I’d cancel everything else in your diary on December 8th…just in case….;)

And don’t worry if you already know you’re going to miss a class in November/December. Us teachers are going to film mini tutorials of what we cover each week, so you can catch up at home. Easy! All we'd say is, make sure you can attend at least 3 weeks of a 4 week rehearsal block (we'll give you more specific dates later). 


And there's a chance we’ll be doing routines you’ve already worked on in previous terms, so things will feel familiar. 

How do I get involved in SLEIGH!?

Because it’s such a relaxed affair, the way you get involved is to…continue going to your classes as normal! Closer to the time we’ll ask you to confirm which pieces you’re dancing in. And we'll release tickets (every dancer will need to buy a ticket). So keep an eye on your socials and emails!

What's the purpose of SLEIGH!?

6 months on from our Big Summer Showcase, we knew we wanted to do something to bring everyone back together again and give us all a chance to perform and watch others live their best lives on stage. But we knew we wanted to do something relaxed. Something that wouldn't put extra demands on anyone, and something that anyone could rock up and take part in even if they'd only just joined AE Dance.


Plus I (Angie) wanted an excuse to get boozy with everyone again.

And so the idea of the SLEIGH lives on! A casual and upbeat occasion to look forward to based around our favourite things - dancing, getting rowdy and cheering each other on. Fabulous!

Will I have to buy a ticket for the event?

Yes, we'll be pre-paying for everyone's food/the silent disco/the venue. So we'll need to know numbers and take payment for all of the above beforehand. We're hoping to keep ticket prices down to about £16. We'll release tickets in November.

Can I invite my friends and family?

We're hoping to open up the event to friends and family (again they'll need to buy tickets). We just need to figure out how many people we can fit in the venue. We'll confirm in November.​

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