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Dance classes!

Scroll down to learn about Dance Club - our children's dance classes for under 10s.

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Dance Club!

AE Dance + Fitness brings you Dance Club for Kids - uplifting, creative and inclusive dance classes for under 10s. 


Our Dance Clubs give kids a chance to really ENJOY dance through a healthy mix of structured activities and creative games! In each class we’ll explore different types of dance - from commercial to contemporary. We'll learn routines AND get inventive with our own moves (and props(!) - cue dance scarves, disco lights and twirling ribbons!). Plus we'll play games and give ourselves a chance to let loose! 


At AE Dance + Fitness we’ve always been about ‘making good people feel great so they can do amazing things’. And we’re fuelling our kids classes with that same great energy too. Our focus will always be on lifting spirits and boosting confidence, so your kid's bounce out of class with a spring in their step and a smile on their face!


We won’t be putting children through exams nor demanding they all have perfect ballet buns. But we do hope your littles ones will be engaged with the class and feel the enthusiasm as they walk through the door! 

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