Feel-good dance classes and uplifting baby and parent classes in Bristol!
For babies, toddlers, children and adults

Making good people feel great so they can do amazing things!

AE Dance + Fitness offers uplifting and upbeat dance classes (for adults and children), post-natal exercise classes AND baby sensory classes across Bristol. To put it simply we're a 'boogie 'n' baby business'!
I'm Angie and I'm the Director of AE Dance + Fitness. Since 2017, I've been setting up dance classes across Bristol to get as many people FEELING GOOD as possible through movement. What started as 2 Lyrical Contemporary classes at Hamilton House on a Friday night quickly grew to a Bristol's most energising and welcoming dance community, offering a huge range of classes from Ballet Barre Fitness to Burlesque on Broadway. And from Commecial Latin to Tap. In May 2021 we decided to take that feel-good energy of our dance classes and put it into post-natal exercise classes and baby/toddler sessions too - our BuggyBarre and Rocking Wriggler classes! And in January 2022, we launched our dance classes for children - Dance Club. 
So now we can proudly say we run Dance Classes for Adults, Dance Classes for ChildrenPost-Natal Exercise classes for Mums and Sensory/Movement Classes for Babies + Toddlers!
And whether you're an experienced dancer joining us for a bit of Lyrical Contemporary, or a new parent signing up to Rocking Wrigglers, our goal is always the same. We want to make good people feel great so that can do amazing things!

We create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable as soon as they step foot in the class. And we make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. Our teaching style is supportive, upbeat and motivating. And our class vibe is chatty, welcoming and energising!

We run classes all across Bristol. And when it comes to dance classes, we've got a huge range in lots of different levels (check them out here).

Have a hunt around our website and see what takes your fancy. Then, when you're ready to book, just click here.

Any questions at all, shoot me an email at hello@aedancefitness.com. I'm always happy to chat all things boogie 'n' babies!

And I look forward to meeting you soon!
Angie xx

PS Give us a stalk on  on Facebook or Instagram to get a feel of our classes!



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