Sleigh! 2022

We're all getting together on December 9th for a lively evening of performing, socialising and celebrating!

What is Sleigh!?

Sleigh! is a performance night/social where each dance class is going to perform a little piece they’ve been working on in class. Then we’ll have food, drinks and a big old rave with a live band!


When/where is the Spring Fling?

Sleigh! is taking place on Friday December 9th, from 6.00pm (ish) at B&A Gloucester Road. We think the event will probably end around 11pm.

What’s the plan?

From mid-November, each class is going to work on one routine across 3-4 lessons, learning a new section each week. Much like you would normally! However, unlike with your average term, this term you'll get to share your dance with the world's liveliest, most supportive and enthusiastic crowd - YOUR FELLOW AE DANCERS!


Your 'mini showpieces' will be super, super chilled - we’re not planning MIND-BLOWING formation changes nor arranging extra rehearsals. We're just putting together fun little bops that you’ll master during your regular class time. 


Then on the eve of Friday 9th December, all AE Dancers will get together for a mini showcase where each group will perform for each other. So you’ll get a chance to dance your socks off in-front of a roaring crowd. AND you'll get to be a part of said roaring crowd, as you watch everyone else’s routines! 


After the performances, we’ll have our Christmas party where we’ve arranged for a food truck and bar to cater the evening plus a live band to entertain us into the night (so this is a ticketed event). And you'll be able to invite friends and fam to watch the show and socialise afterwards!


So it’s a performance opportunity, show AND social in one!


I’m away in November/a bit nervy about joining...

Now don’t panic, this isn’t a mandatory event. You can absolutely go to class as normal and not perform! But if I were you, I’d cancel everything else in your diary on December 9th…just in case….;)


And don’t worry if you already know you’re away through part of November/December. Us teachers are going to film mini tutorials of what we learn each week, so you can catch up at home. Easy! And there's a chance we’ll be doing routines you’ve already worked on in previous terms, so things will feel familiar. 

I'm a total newbie - is now a terrible time to join classes?

Absolutely not be amigo! Classes will run just like normal over November/December. So it's a fab time to join, to add a bit of fire to your winter evenings. Granted, in classes, we may be working on routines that some of the dancers have learnt before. But you don't need to worry about that because each week you'll be learning a new section. And if it's your first time, your focus is on that NEW section (there's no pressure to nail any bits people may have learnt before). And if the class is reviewing an old section, throw yourself into it but don't put too much pressure on yourself to catch it all. I reckon if you can leave your first class feeling like you've got 70% of it, you've done bloody well (and you'll nail that final 30% next week)!

How do I get involved in Sleigh!?

Because it’s such a relaxed affair, the way you get involved is to…continue going to your classes as normal! Closer to the time we’ll ask you to confirm which pieces you’re dancing in (you'll need access to the special Google doc - message us for details). And you can now buy your tickets here

What's the purpose of Sleigh!?

While we're gearing up for a MASSIVE BOMBASTIC FANTASTIC full-on showcase on June 17th next year, we couldn't wait that long to get back on stage! So we wanted to do something to bring everyone back together again and give us all a chance to perform and watch others live their best lives on stage. We knew we wanted it to be relaxed though (Christmas is a busy time after all). So we've created something that won't put extra demands on anyone, and something that anyone can rock up and take part in even if they'd only been to a couple of classes.


Plus I (Angie) wanted an excuse to get boozy with everyone again.


And so the idea of the Sleigh! was born! A casual and upbeat occasion to look forward to based around our favourite things - dancing, getting rowdy and cheering each other on. Fabulous!

Will I have to buy a ticket for the event?

Yes, we'll be pre-paying for everyone's food/the band/the venue. So we'll need to know numbers and take payment for all of the above beforehand. You can buy your tickets here, now!

Can I invite my friends and family?

You can indeed! They'll need tickets though - book them here.

Can I park at B&A Gloucester Rd?

There isn't parking at the venue itself but there is street parking nearby. It's a pretty busy area though. So what we'd really recommend is walking down/getting the bus and then taxi-ing back with friends BECAUSE LORD KNOWS THE BOOZE WILL BE FLOWING!